Ever App

What is Ever App?

Ever is an app to discover everything inside videos. Generally, people wonder about four things when they watch videos:
1. People: Who is on the screen?
2. Places: Where was this scene shot?
3. Fashion: What are the people wearing?
4. Objects: Who designed the interior design items on the screen?

When you get curious about something you see, just press the Ever app.

Does Ever app work on all videos?

Ever exclusively works with streaming videos.

How do I watch Streaming videos on TV?

You will need a Smart TV or a streaming device like Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV. Ever app works with all streaming devices and Smart TVs.
Services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. are considered streaming video services.

Does Ever app cost anything?

No. Ever app is free to download and use.

How do I know on which shows I can discover items using the Ever app?

Right before the show begins, you will see a notification that everything inside this show is discoverable with the Ever app.

Is Ever app available on Blackberry and Windows Mobile?

No. Ever app is exclusively available on iOS and Android.
Ever Extension

What is Ever Extension?

Ever Extension is a plugin to a web browser that powers discovery inside videos played on YouTube.

How do I know which YouTube videos I can use the Ever Extension?

The Ever logo “e” appears on the top right hand corner of the video to make you aware that everything inside that video is discoverable.

Does Ever Extension work on Internet Explorer?

No. Ever Exclusively works on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers.

Does Ever Extension cost anything?

No. Ever Extension is free to use.
Ever API

What is Ever API?

Ever API is a tool that makes videos discoverable. Content creators use Ever API to tag items (People, Places, Fashion, and Objects) to deepen the engagement and to exponentially increase video monetization.

Does Ever API cost anything?

No. Ever API is free for content creators.
Have more questions? Email us: info@everapp.co